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Re: unassisted home birth

I totally hear you on wanting to go UC. I planned on that with my first if a certain doc was on when I went into labor. That doc wasn't, and baby came early, so we did go to the hospital. I should have just stayed home. Second baby was homebirth with a midwife, and I am glad I had her here as I did lose a bit too much blood. Third baby (due any time) will be attended by the same midwife. If we had to have a baby unattended, we would be fine with it. I do like the convenience of having my midwife here, she is so helpful. We are only a few minutes from the hospital, some suppose that is a factor too. You have to choose the birth that is right for you. My one key piece of advice is to not tell people your plans. You will get all kinds of horror stories, and for that matter don't let anyone tell you about their horrible labors - THEIR birth is not YOUR birth. Research your options and decide what is right for you. Yes, there are risks to a homebirth... There are also risks to hospital interventions. Birth is a natural process and must be respected as such.
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