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Re: unassisted home birth

Why are you not wanting a midwife present at least? How do you plan to know you are at risk in labor or during pregnancy (if you can't find someone for prenatal care)?

Green Decals- Your midwife sounds like she was more than "convenient" in your last birth... she was needed! Good luck on #3!

I do not support UC (if you didn't catch that already!) in the least. haha. Without our midwife at my first birth, my son would be dead. Not a horror story, but reality. She pulled him out when he was stuck and rescusitated and gave him oxygen, plain and simple... Like a PP said, nothing I read or studied for could have prepared me for my son's shoulder dystocia or need for help after he was freed. Back before I even had a child and went to a Midwife's Assistant workshop headed by The Farm Midwives in TN, it was really interesting to hear Ina May Gaskin and the other midwives (who are very respectful of the natural birth process) reasonings for never going unassisted.

I found this article very interesting of one midwife's shift of view...

I know I'm not the person you wanted to respond to your post... just a mama who cares about healthy mamas and healthy babies too.
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