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I am not against unassisted birth. I have considered it myself. With that being said..i would be very hesitant to do it with a first baby. With a first baby you really don't know what birth is like or how you will handle it until you have done it. I could be wrong about that...that might not be a sound reason not too do it.... I was very young with my first baby. I am sure there are moms who have done it and would dissagree with me. I hemoraged with my first and would have been in trouble without my midwife. My uterus came barreling out along with my second baby and if it hadn't been for my midwifes knowledge I likely would have bled out before help could have arrived. But I had uneventful 4th and 5th deliveries at home after a csection with my third... With this baby I considered UC because I felt like my body could do it. And financially we are having an awful time paying for our midwife and I wont even consider birthing in a hosptial unless medically necessary! But my hubby said "not a chance!" on going UC. He isn't as comfortable with the birthing process as I. Lol. I hope you success in whatever you decide!
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