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3.5 month old not eating well in the day but eating crazy at night

For the last 4 days, my 3.5 month old doesn't want to eat in the day. He ate 3 feedings of 5 minutes, 4 minutes and 6 minutes from 10-3. At night he is eating an hour before going to bed around 7:30. Then he is doing 15-30 minutes at the other night feedings. The nights are wearing me out as he was doing 8-10 minutes and I could go back to bed.

Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do to help this. After today, I am offering it 2 times in the hour before his nap.

He was 15 lbs 11 oz last Thursday so large for his age.

I pump in the mornings (take a break on the weekend). Friday I had 6 oz, yesterday and today it was 4 oz so I am worried for my supply.

This is my first child so really don't want to lose my supply and a bit paranoid. Any advice on getting him to eat more in the day or what might be going on?

Thanks everyone!
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