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Originally Posted by Sweet_Fantasy_Fox View Post
a little bit better, i have been having belly pains and lower back pains again, mainly when I'm up and walking for too long a period at a time and it sucks because i have alot to do and get done before ds goes back to school.
my inner thigh/pelvic area hurts and i feel alot of pressure still, it hurts to stand, anyone else feeling this? yesterday i lost a small peice of my plug too, it freaked dh out when i told him but i havwent had anymore come out and i think it's normal since i am 33 weeks now.yesterday i felt like crap, today a little better, dh surpised me and brought me and the kids mc donalds for lunch i am craving my fries no salt like daily, although i don't get to eat them
I had a TON of pelvic pressure with my lil boy right around the same time , 30ish weeks on , I went and got a maternity belt from wal-mart for $10 and it helped SO much . It was very adjustable as to what I needed for that day , it was one of the things I made sure to save for next time lol .
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