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Re: C/S tips on recovering from a cesarean

1. STOOL SOFTENERS! Make sure that your doctor puts that on your list of medications following surgery. The pain meds make constipation absolutely terrible. Don't eat a heavy meal prior to surgery- you will regret it
2. A surgical binder made specifically for c section support-after surgery you will feel better with the extra support.
3. Large comfortable looser fitting granny panties or shorties.
4. The maxi pad cold packs-they feel great on the incision site.
5. Take the meds as needed and as long as you feel pain but realize that they are making your constipation worse so know when it is manageable for you to stop and try to get off them. Don't try this in the first week though.
6. Go easy on yourself--yes you will read stories of the women who say they felt good enough to run a marathon 4 weeks post op but for mist people there will be lingering pain. I personally didn't feel better until 6 months so give yourself time.
7. However, that said, discuss all your lingering pains/ailments with a doctor because it could be serious-no question is stupid or bothersome-better to ask and be safe. And if your doctor is blowing off what you are feeling --then go to another until someone listens to you.
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