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Re: Basically it's Wednesday

Originally Posted by lemurmommies View Post

Tuesday's done! Whew. I wish I knew why Tuesdays were so hard for my students.

Glad to head that the chart is working for MH, Jen!

Sorry that Shannon tried to be sneaky so she wouldn't have to do her homework.

Cheryl, I am sorry that your mornings aren't working for you right now. In terms of consequences, what would really happen if you DID make the girls walk to school in this weather? They have winter clothes. Our students played outside for 40 minutes today at lunch, and it was 1*F with a windchill of -15*F. Several kids in my class didn't have snow pants, and no one died. Might be just the ticket, actually.

Time for a decaf and some dessert before doing planning and working on report cards.
I have to say I agree...I'd have to enforce the harshest punishment to get the kids back on track. If the threat was to walk to school then just once it'd have to happen. It wouldn't be pretty but it'd make sure they understood.

Originally Posted by jacksmommy1 View Post
ahh what a day. Cheyl i hear ya on getting ready grr. so we had another plumbing situation today luckily i remedied it however it was particularly disgusting i wont divulge all the details but lets just say i ended up standing on top of the toilet with a plunger and i had to change my clothe and wipe down the walls with bleach after
Originally Posted by jacksmommy1 View Post
i should add bob watched me the whole time
Oh yuck!

Originally Posted by redgirlsmama View Post
One thing you might find with lessons for your kids, and this isn't necessarily a pro for Rosie, they really stress listening, following directions, and respect. There is NO messing around, the horses are $$$ and kids not listening or messing around the horses can get people hurt or horses hurt. It is $30/lesson for us, but Bella loves it. And it is nice for me to see her joyful (and following directions lol) But yeah, horses are not cheap. Says the person that is doing what she can not to buy one but realllly wants one.
Here lessons are 25 per lesson...which is why my kids cant have lessons. I mean it'd be 75 per week 4 times a month...I just dont have 300 for the kids to "Play" with some horses. Because they are never going to be professional riders so it'd only be playing. That's more than double what I earn in a month!

I feel sad they wont get to experience it but that's how it is.

Originally Posted by lemurmommies View Post
Sorry about the plumbing Kari!

I did some planning for tomorrow. Made a revision sheet about perimeter. Entered some comments into report cards. Fun fun fun! Now I am watching Dance Moms because my brain is fried and I don't want to mess anyone's report card up inadvertently. :/

Cheryl, you might want to make sure you can enforce the walk to school thing before it gets too too warm. That way they would know you CAN enforce it, and it might make the, think twice. Or maybe not. Who knows!

I made carrot soup for supper, and while good, I am kinda still hungry. Hmmm.
Yes...maybe wait a bit but be sure that it's still cold enough for them to really not want it to happen again any time soon.

I love soup too but it really doesn't fill me up for long.
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