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What's the rule on posting links when people ask for information?

TIA for reading - I'm trying to figure out the "rules" about posting links in the forums (I can't find a clear answer on this posted anywhere).


Someone posts a question like, "I'm looking for a gluten-free bread recipe" or "Does anyone have plans on how to build a chicken coop out of scrap materials?" Is it ok to post a response like, "Here's a link to a recipe I have on my blog for bread" or "We just built a chicken coop using leftover materials from another project. Here's a tutorial."

I see people do this all the time, either posting their own personal blog, WAHM site or similar. I also see people that post links to other blogs, websites, stores, etc. Is one allowed & not the other? I guess I'm confused & need a little more clarification.

TIA I'm just trying to make sure I'm aware of the rules. I was contacted & told I can't post links to my own site/have to post the info directly into the post & not link (I can't clarify w/the person b/c their inbox is full so I figured someone here could likely help me out). ETA - I also had some things deleted (I responded to posts & thought it was ok to post replies when people asked for info - this was the case when I was an active WAHM & people solicited for info about products).
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