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Re: Too many kids too little time?

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
I have 5 who are 5 and under. We have a ticket system in place in our house. They get tickets for doing chores and randomly for other things. Like if I ask them to all go upstairs and get in their beds for naps and only one obeys, I'll give that child a ticket. Or, if one of them does something nice for someone else, I'll give them a ticket. For the tickets, they get prizes. At first, I was buying little things at the Dollar Store and such and we would have "Store Night." They kids could pick one thing for every 10 tickets they got. (Generally, they usually get at least 1 ticket a day, for doing their daily chores, and often a second for something character related. So, 10 a week is fairly easy to do.) Now, I will take the kids to Target and let them pick something from the $1 bins for every 10 tickets. For my oldest, who is 5, we have started allowing him to turn in his tickets for money to save up for other things instead. So, every ticket equals $.20. As of yet, he keeps choosing to get a toy at Target instead, but I suspect that won't last long. Plus, he gets more than 10 a week. So, he spends 10 at Target and saves the rest. So, he is building up. Anyway, this is working well for my older 3. They are 5 and twins who are 3. My other 2 just turned 1 yesterday, no tickets for them yet.

Also, personally, I don't care if they are bored with their chores. You live here, you help. I get bored cleaning the same things over and over and folding the same clothes day in and day out. That is life. However, I do change up the chores each week. This week, the 5 year old will put away the silverware, one 3 year old will help me load the dishwasher and the other will wipe the table. Next week, it will switch. That provides for variety and also the opportunity to learn more than one skill.

Oh and BTW - I often feel overwhelmed by being responsible for all these littles. (Sometimes, I hide on DS, like now. ) The task of teaching them to obey and be respectful and responsible sometimes seems daunting. But, you just keep doing it anyway. I just remind myself they are growing up and won't be littles that much longer. At that point, I will be very glad I worked hard to teach them while they were young.
This is great! i just found this thread! These are great ideas!
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