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Re: Why Are Most Men So Ill-Equiped To Exist?

Originally Posted by Bellaroo View Post
I don't think it is fair to say that most men are ill-equipped to survive. -Our society has a horrible habit of making it sound like men are ignorant fools who are totally incapable of functioning or parenting on their own (those Daddy Huggies commercials are just one example). We raise our boys in this atmosphere and then criticize our husbands when they don't meet our standard. If my DH is less skilled in some areas (like seeing that the cutlery drawer needs to be organized) he certainly makes up for it in other ways that I would thunder-in on. We complement each other rather than each sharing the same skill set.

Also, even though we might see different things as being important, I am 100% confident that if I were to die my husband could step in and take over raising our son and that he would do a wonderful job.
My SO is a loving parent. He's not an ignorant fool and he has the ability to do everything that I do every day. He just doesn't. Once you are an adult you should be able to figure some things out on your own, such as even if you were raised to think that your wife will do a better job than you it doesn't mean it's true. And why not take the initiative to find out? I hate laundry and never did it as a child and my mom always made jokes about me, as an adult, buying new outfits weekly because I just couldn't do the laundry. But when I became an adult do you think that's what actually happened or do you think I said this has to be done so I will get it done, and laundered the clothing?

When I told my SO about this thread he said, "Well as far as the food and feeding everybody goes, I don't know anything about that so I just don't do it."

I could show him any time. I praise his efforts when he does try. So....
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