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Re: Why Are Most Men So Ill-Equiped To Exist?

Originally Posted by badmisterkitty View Post
Great conversation, keep it rolling! My MIL is the first to admit she expected nothing of her boys. So, I know where it's coming from, but can they not learn? At what point do you look at your frazzled wife and just do something, anything, to help her?

I used to feel like we had a good division of labor. When we had one kid and even when we had just 2 it was all good and fine. Now that we have 3, it's gotten out of hand. I spend most of my weekends and evenings trying to get the house in order, make plans for the future, and just generally trying to stay one step ahead, all with 2 demanding kids at my feet and one on my hip. I have actual guilt that he does most of the baby feeding and rocking these days because I am busy doing other things. I would LOVE to sit and rock a baby all evening, but nothing would get done.

I've decided my "project" for the week is to not pick up one single toy. Just see how long it takes him to figure it out.

I know I need to talk to him, but how many times can I say, "i need more help?" before he gets it? Just look around, fine something to do. It's not hard.
Honestly, what I found worked best for my husband is if he has set things that he is in charge of... I know that sounds really juvenile, but it works for us. For example, while we are out and about with the baby he has to do all the heavy lifting. Getting the stroller out putting the baby I said stroller. I organize everything. Make sure everything is in the diaper bag,etc. he is in charge of trash, recycling, changing over laundry, emptying dishwasher, putting away groceries when he is home, and giving baby bath when he is home.
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