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Re: Why Are Most Men So Ill-Equiped To Exist?

I have no idea.

This is something that is a constant source of irritation for me.

I can't even think about it clearly enough to give any good thoughts.

My husband has actually started using THIS line to reassure me when I am sick or need to go lay down or something ..... "Don't worry honey, everything will still be here when you get up. It's ok."

as in, "go rest, sweetie. when you get up, you can do all the crap that needs to get done. It will still be here.... "

Which in some weird way is supposed to make me feel BETTER? Um, no. I wake up, or get home, or whatever, and now I have - not only the mess that was there before - but also the new mess that was created while I was away.

Gee, thanks, hun.

I've finally come to the conclusion that he simply CANNOT manage to do all the things I do AND care for the kids. He just isn't capable of it. It's beyond his mental and emotional capability.

It's the only way I can look at it without getting really angry.

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