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Re: Why Are Most Men So Ill-Equiped To Exist?

Yea I agree to opening post. My hubby can't cook & clean & watch kids..... I bathe kids most of time at nights as I have kids at night as it is when he works. I pay bills, vac, help pick up toys wash & fold laundry (dipes too), flower care...... somestimes dish washing, bathroom cleaning,get mail & send it,
, child care..

hubby list is cook now as I hate to but I still have to decide what to make, shop for food but sometimes impulse buyer....... he carries heavy stuff for me as my brachial plexus limits how much I carry, mow, snow blow, take oldest to school, get on house to rid gutters of leaves, sometimes. Take things to mail or consign or library drop off/ pickup things..... he could be in house with crying kids & not hear.........

Kinda wondering if I should just stay preg because hubby helps out more.... hhhmmmm lol.

I know one of his friends (guy] that they roommated in apt that gave up cleaning with slobs..... yea I think my oldest girl takes after hubby......clean & dirty clothes on floor.....

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