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Re: Does anyone have experience with baby's head measuring small?

Originally Posted by Hillargh View Post
Are they going to do a BPP for growth? I had to have that done with DS1, and then they went over the growth percentages with me. He was tiny, 6lbs 2.5 at 40+6. So they were worried he might be growth restricted or something. He wasn't, after the detailed BPP. Just small.

If it makes you feel any better, he turned out to be my bobblehead baby. Kid has a noggin the size of a pumpkin. He's short, but totally exploded around 6m and grew into himself.

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So far just another ultrasound at the MFM specialist, everything else was right on track, just the head was small.

I called and double checked on dates, the Nurse Practitioner assured me that they had the correct dates, but that the receptionist just looked at the wrong place. The way she said it though (don't worry, we didn't change your due date, it's still the 18th) made me think she didn't really understand what I was asking even though I said it a few times so who knows.

All of my kids had smallish heads at birth, about 5-10%, but they never mentioned them being small on an ultrasound, so I don't really know how small we are talking here.

I really hope it's just some sort of mix up in dates or measuring.
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