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Re: Dairy Elimination

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
DD1 had issues with dairy in my milk and so did DS1. Eliminating is crucial. Just make sure that you know all of the other words on labels used to describe milk. Also, it can take longer than you might think to eliminate all of the dairy from your body and his.
This! I had to cut out dairy with DS because he was projectile vomiting violently twice a day, and there was yellow/green mucus in it. After I cut out dairy very carefully, and also gave him pro-biotic drops to heal him up, he was totally fine. After he was 1, I slowly introduced dairy foods to him and he has been fine.

When cutting out dairy, I enjoyed coconut yogurt and coconut milk ice cream. Also used vanilla soy milk sometimes in my cereal and such. That was yummy.
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