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Originally Posted by 3 kids = complete family View Post
I did not have luck with an iud (mirena) - I know I'm in the minority, however reading the risks I figured with the % being really low of failing I would be ok. I wasn't my iud spontanously migrated, wound up pregnant with twins, then just after accepting the pregnancy and being truely excited, I miscarried. And I also needed surgery to remove the iud and now I am dealing with the after affects of the iud. I know you wanted personal experiences so I gave you mine.
We have never used any other type of b/c for a long period of time otherwise.
My husband just got his "V" done a couple months ago, best decision for us as we are done having kids

If you want you can read my blog - it has the whole story of my iud - it is very blunt and descriptive though
Omg I'm so so sorry. that is terrifying
going down with the ship.
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