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Re: Single pregnancies vs multiple pregnancies

Some things were the same. I didn't have nausea-type morning sickness with either but I had a huge loss of appetite with both. I really had to force myself to eat anything, especially in the first trimester. I also had crazy exhaustion in the first trimester with both but it let up in the second trimester with the singleton where it hasn't with the twins. I had wicked heartburn with my singleton but very little now with the twins. The sciatic and aches and pains didn't start until eight months or so with my singleton but it started at twelve weeks with the twins. Even though I've been so exhausted I haven't slept this whole pregnancy twins. I had insomnia the whole first trimester and by the time it let up the aches and pains started keeping me up.
There's also a lot more intervention and sonograms and worrying with the twins that I didn't have with my singleton.
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