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Re: Appointments?

Originally Posted by jj7202 View Post
My first appt is set for Feb 13th (11weeks)... I am just going to say it now... I miss my old OB!! I begged to be seen earlier with my history of miscarriage (two in the last year) and my tendency towards being high risk (hypertension, pre term labor and cholistasis of pregnancy resulting in early induction) I just need to make sure this baby is growing (2 pervious Blighted Ovums) and hear/see a heartbeat. Then I can rest. Ugh. Phone consult in to the nurse who may be able to fit me in somewhere earlier.. Ugh. My OB in Germany was so understanding and did everything they could to ease my mind. I hate starting over end rant.
Is there any way you can switch doctors? That does seem like a long time given your medical record.

AFM: I had my first appointment today. It is really early as I'm only 5 weeks but they took a thyroid panel to make sure the ol' roid is still tickin and not doing crazy things. I will get the results within the week. Next appointment isn't until 4 more weeks on February 20th.
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