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Re: Lying manipulative one year old....

My daughter has done this a little bit, she is remembering and reenacting something that she remembers. She does it with lots of things, not just injuries. Like several times a day she will put on her coat and tell me "goodbye" when I ask where she is going she always says "Gabe's house (her cousin)" and then tells me he is sad, and has to go to sleep because the last time we were at their house he was crying and his mom put him to bed.

Certain people and things invoke memories for her and she replays them over and over and over again.

I wonder if one time she was pushed, so she is playing that over and over pointing to kids and acting like it happened. Not to get them in trouble, just because she remembers it happened once and doesn't have the words to say "hey remember when so and so pushed me?"
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