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Re: Not sure what I want to do...

Just bc you're not getting much when you pump, doesn't mean there's not much there. A lot of women can be super full and not pump an ounce. Maybe if your DH is home this weekend, he can take care of the other kids. I'd spend all weekend in your bed with the baby, doing lots of skin to skin contact and nurse him around the clock if he's willing. That will stimulate your supply and get him back to the breast.

I've read that some women have great luck taking a mega calcium supplement the week before AF is due. I've heard that it keeps your supply from taking such a hit.

And, if you decide it's too much work, then so be it. You don't HAVE to breastfeed, and if you choose formula then you're still a great mom. But at this point, it's going to take work to get back into it.

Good luck with whatever you choose!
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