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Re: Cloth pads - what do you like best?

Favorite top layer : obv

Favorite absorbent layer : hemp

Favorite backing: wool interlock

Favorite length for liners : 6"

Favorite length for day pads : 8" regular, 10" heavy

Favorite length for overnight/postpartum : really long...12" maybe, also like hourglass shape (wide on the ends, narrower in the middle where the snaps are)

Do you like different options (lots of different fabrics, styles, different absorbecy in all sizes, ect.) or simplicity? (light liners, moderate regular length, heavy long length, all minky or all bamboo, ect.) : I like options, sometimes I need a heavier absorbancy shorter pad, or lighter absorbancy longer pad, depends on flow and activity.

Exposed fleece (on the wings, like pampered mama, go with the flo, ect.) or all fabric tops including wings (like tree hugger) : I like single layer wings, although I'm having some trouble with them holding up; so, either is okay as long as they are very durable.

What is most important to you assuming they both function well - cuteness, or price?: price, materials (I like natural and organic choices), durability

Best of luck!
Tara, happily at home with dd Rowan(4/04)
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