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Taking unisom AND b6 for morning sickness?

My OB advised me when I was pregnant with my son, 4 years ago, to take b6 and if that didnt help try 1/2 of a unisom. I didnt assume she meant together. I ended up on zofran and hospitalized anyways bc of the severity of my morning sickness.

I was reading online that they only work if you take them together. Anyone tried this? Did it work for you?

I would just call my OB, but she doesnt practice anymore and my new OB is opening a new womans center but it hasnt opened yet, so he isnt in the office. Just the lady answering the phone, and she doesnt have a CLUE about anything I ask. Lol I still have another week before they open!

Anyways, morning sickness has reared its awful ugly head. I need some kind of relief until then.

I am already chewing big red gum, ginger everything isnt working, small frequent meal, yada yada yada. I have been down this road, You get the picture. Lol

I am trying the b6 and unisom tonight. I just want some reassurance from someone that it will work! It HAS to work! Lol

Sorry if this comes off snarky, not meaning for it to, I just dont feel well.
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