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Re: How Long Are Your OB Visits?

With my first pregnancy, I was pleased with how efficient my OB's office was. I never had to wait except once or twice when my OB was delivering a baby (couldn't complain about that!).

With my second pregnancy, things had obviously changed with the practice. At every visit I was asked if I wanted to prepay for the birth, and I just didn't feel comfortable paying for something that hadn't happened yet (as it turned out I switched practices and had the baby elsewhere anyway). I had to wait 30+ minutes every time, only to have my OB run in, not know anything about me, and run out.

Finally at my 36 week appointment, I'd had enough. After waiting the usual 45 minutes, I heard the OB in the hall saying to the nurse, "Just ask her what sex the baby is. I can never remember." (That's what a chart is for.) So the nurse came in and asked me if I was having a boy (no), because if so, I'd need to sign the circumcision permission form (um, no, I am not agreeing to that type of procedure without my husband present or even getting to talk to my doctor first).

Then the doctor came in and examined me and told me I was super super narrow. "We're doing a [repeat] C-Section, RIGHT?!" she barked at me while her hand was painfully up in my business. (No, you're the one who suggested I consider a VBAC.) She said I was just too narrow to deliver vaginally (That's what you said at 36 weeks last time, and by 39 weeks I had opened waaaay up . . . again, isn't that in my chart?). Then she asked me why I had a c/s again. READ THE BLEEPITY BLEEP CHART!!!!!

Obviously I'm still a little upset that I put up with such bad service for 1.9 pregnancies. But thankfully my story has a happy ending. I switched to a midwife practice and had my VBAC. The midwives only take patients one day a week, but they're always on time, very attentive, and have obviously read my chart BEFORE seeing me. DH even ran into my former OB a month after my VBAC. By this point she had obviously read my chart because she asked him about the birth, and when he told her when it was, she said, "Oh, on her due date." She asked how big the baby was and seemed genuinely shocked that I had vaginally delivered a baby that was half a pound bigger than my first.

I know I rambled on here and got a little off the topic of office wait time, but to me it went hand in hand with my doctor not giving me any of her time. (To be fair, when I was severely ill in the first trimester and needed IV fluids at home, she was great. But if you weren't having a c/s done or needing emergency care, then she wasn't.)
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