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Favorite top layer : minky, followed by obv, followed by cv

Favorite absorbent layer : zorb, followed by microfiber

Favorite backing: dense fleece (like Malden mills) followed by wool

Favorite length for liners: never paid attention to length, sorry

Favorite length for day pads : ditto

Favorite length for overnight/postpartum : ditto

Do you like different options or simplicity?: I think it would be fantastic to be able to just choose all the options from drop-down menus, but failing that, I prefer simplicity simply so there's not like six million items listed for me to sort through.

Exposed fleece or all fabric tops including wings: all fabric. The ones I have with exposed fleece seem to be too stretchy in the wing area and don't stay put well.

What is most important to you assuming they both function well - cuteness, or price?: price. It goes on my hooha, it catches blood. Pretty colors are nice but patterns, etc are worthless to me.

What attracts you more - low flat rate shipping, or more add on shipping the more you buy? Low flat rate shipping - I am more likely to buy a ton and feel like I won cause the shipping cost divided out by # of items is so low lol

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