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thyroid problems & infertility?

I'm looking for any personal experiences with thyroid & problems conceiving/carrying to term/problems with the baby after birth please.

In October I went to visit a nurse due to bronchitis and she recommended I see my doc sooner rather than later because I had an enlarged thyroid. Once she pointed it out I was like, yeah, wow, look at that! It's visible once pointed out. Doc did the blood test (all came back normal) and sent me for an ultrasound and then to an ENT. ENT sent me for an ultrasound guided biopsy of the most suspicious looking nodes. (5 biopsies, ugh). I just had a CT. There are nodes on both sides, but mostly one side. It's pushing my windpipe to the side so, highly likely I'll need surgery just for that reason. They all came back negative, but I've been warned that doesn't mean I don't have cancer for sure. Apparently they go in and remove the big half. If they see? suspect? something... cancer, they take the whole thyroid. If not, just the half and that gets sent to a lab for testing. If it comes back at that point cancer, I go in again to get the other half removed.

Just half removed - 60/40 chance I'll need meds for the rest of my life Whole thing removed, definitely need meds

Now I'm reading all this can cause trouble conceiving. Can cause trouble carrying to term. We were going to try for #2 this summer and I'll be 40 this spring. Please - any comments would be appreciated. .

Thanks mamas.
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