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Bamboo inserts, flats, or prefolds in a pocket?

I'm wanting to replace all my MF inserts for my pocket diapers with bamboo. I'm also going to start trying flats/prefolds with a cover at home (pockets would be for daycare).

I'm wondering what inserts/flats/prefolds might work best for my pocket diapers. I measured the width of the ones I am replacing and they are about 5" wide. On the medium rise settings (which my son is currently at as a 4month old), it'll need to be about 13" long.

Any suggestions?

So far, from seeing what other folks have posted, I'm going to look into
Alva baby 3 layer bamboo inserts
Imagine Bamboo Flat
Grovia Bamboo Prefold (what size?)

I'm leaning toward flats/prefolds because I'm planning on using trifold/padfold and covers at home.
Also, I'm looking for the trimmest possible solution! Thanks a bunch!
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