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Originally Posted by sandhillcranes
Just a quick update. Tried melatonin, didnt seem to help him stay asleep. So we found a gummie vitamin he will eat () and we also started supplementing with iron. He has been sleeping better. No idea why but he seems less fatigued during the day. Still very hit or miss with naps but even when he goes without a nap completely he can hang in there till 7ish. Bedtime is happening between 745 and 830 now...give or take. Hes not waking up as early. No dramatic change...hes obviously he didnt sprout a halo overnight lol but I think he mightve been low on iron. I did a lot of research and found out the foods I thought were full of iron, arent!

So, long story short, thanks mamas!
That's awesome! I hunk I may have to try that as well. He's doing great going to sleep but he's still very restless and his behavior isn't as improved as I think it should be. What's the dosage if you don't mind me asking? I'm sure I could find it somewhere but since you've had good results I figured I'd ask. Or a site to look it up at that worked for you. Thanks!
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