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Vax questions

Okay. I need some help from all your vax experts out there. I've just begun delving into the vaccination third kid but hey better Late than never. Our first has special needs and his first ped didn't really give us a choice. We were young and there were too many other things that we had to think about. I started questioning it with our second. And now with our third its ridiculous.
Wth our first, the doc office was always out of some of them. So he's not up to date (just turned 4). Our second, same scenario even though it was a different doctor. That office too wasn't really into giving us a choice. Now we've found a more holistic doctor that we love and we actually have a choice.
W declined the hep b vax at the hospital with the third. She hasn't actually had any yet since we had an issue with her insurance and then appointments got messed up. So, since our older two have maybe half of the ones they should at their ages, is it really that big of an issue if we don't vax her yet? W may choose to do a few, but at the moment were leaning more toward the delayed schedule that starts at age 2. We're also thinking of holding off on any more for the boys and requesting tigers before we do anything.
So, give me some input. Any problems with having 2 half vaxed and not the third?
And I know there are some states that require it and don't really have any exemptions, but can anyone tell me anything about Florida? I googled it, but fund a bunch of nonessential junk. It's hard wading through all this ish. Ay help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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