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Originally Posted by kelpie169

That's awesome! I hunk I may have to try that as well. He's doing great going to sleep but he's still very restless and his behavior isn't as improved as I think it should be. What's the dosage if you don't mind me asking? I'm sure I could find it somewhere but since you've had good results I figured I'd ask. Or a site to look it up at that worked for you. Thanks!
Right now we are just using the infant toddler one...i think its called poly vi sol? I do a half dose. It comes out to .5ml. If he wants two glasses of OJ, i will put another .25 in. Anymore than .5 and there is a very strong smell to it ...1ml is the full dose. I am easing into it bc i know when i have added iron to my diet, i get constipated. Sorry tmi! I do want to go back to ped to find out what the correct dose for him should be.

Eta: ^^^^ this is about iron, not melatonin. Just in case someone is skimming and sees that.
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