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My son was born with heart abnormalities. He has a right aortic arch which actually created a vascular ring that was closing off his esophagus and airway when he was born. He also had a diverticulum (pouch, basically) on his aorta that was putting pressure on it and surrounding organs. Both of those things he had surgically repaired (at 2mos and 15mos respectively).

He also has a small VSD, as well as a bicuspid aortic valve. Its likely his VSD will never be a problem but given his unique anatomy they are keeping an eye on the BAV and making sure it isn't creating a stress on his already-wonky aorta.

Do you belong to a Mended Little Hearts organization? I'm on my phone or I'd link you...they might be a good source for support or even have a group nearby. Otherwise my PM box is always open if you want to chat/vent/discuss anything...its hard being a mom of a CHD baby.
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