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Re: Sexy AND Mommy?

I haven't struggled with that dichotomy... I'm still *me* ya know?

So I'm still the gal who likes to be intimate... even though the specifics may change... maybe then I loved candles and poetry... and at a different time we just had energy and time for mostly quickies... and at a different time we were mostly exhausted but took downtime at least twice a week to deeply talk and connect... etc... the details may change but keeping THAT as a priority doesn't change. It's the only way, ultimately, that I can be a good mom... is to have a solid marriage and feel desired and loved & be able to express my desire and love for him to him.

It's like cement that holds the whole brick house together or something...

A few thoughts:
(1) Doing it more helps you want to do it more... and the reverse is true... doing it less makes it less of a desire.
(2) Think of a campfire that's allowed to fizzle out. It takes a lot more work to start a whole new campfire than to just keep those embers hot and rekindle the new fire each time. So keep your "embers" warm by not going too long between times.
(3) Think about it and talk about it more. The more you think/talk about it (with him especially) the more you'll want to.

Don't allow yourself to think in either/or. Either I'm a good nurturing mom, OR I'm a sexy fun wife. Be both. You are allowed to be a multi-faceted diamond of a gal... lots of different angles and sides to you- and it's all beautiful. Be that & give yourself freedom and room to express everything in you. Don't hold some of it back & one day wake up to find that that part died... rekindle that part of you now while you still can grab for it and enjoy it with the one you love. Do it, do it, do it, do it.
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