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Re: Sexy AND Mommy?

For me, it was hard to TRANSITION from being mommy to being ready to jump no DH after the kids went to bed. haha.

What helps me is:
-working out everyday (makes me feel good about myself)
-this might sound horrible, but it really helped me feel sexy... rent some "how to" movies on how to do a strip tease or how to do a sexy dance or bellydance. I know Carmen Electra has some on Netflix. I got some of those and practiced when the kids were napping and dh was not home. While I have not done a strip tease for DH, I have learned how to shake what I got (hehe) and move my body sensually and I have done that for DH. It's fun and playful now to bend down and pick up something off the floor and know how to lift myself up in a very suggestive way infront of DH. It surprises him and he gets all flustered and it makes me feel good.
- buying myself some pretty sexy panties (there is an online store called hipsandcurves that has great, pretty pairs for not that much money and they are plus size... they also have a lot of dress-up clothes, but dh isn't really into that) . I dress very modestly and wearing a lacy thong or some other crazy pantie underneath is kind of fun and makes DH always ready to see what's underneath my skirt! haha The more modest on the outside, the more sexy underneath!!!
-When the kids go to bed, go in the bathroom and change into a nightie, splash hot water on your face (that is relaxing to me at least), do a few shimmies, and then go and surprise hubby.

Those are my pointers. Be playful and have fun. Even if you aren't "in the mood" sometimes if you just go do it, you'll find yourself having fun. And you'll be ready for it all to happen again soon.

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