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Re: How is your diaper station set up? Long post with lots of pictures

Originally Posted by mommadeeof4+ View Post
Here is my stash!!!! I have since added 12 recieving blanket flats

12 diaper rite flats
12 imagine bamboo flats
8 diaper rite prefolds
4 sustainablebabyish snapless fitteds
2 thirsties hemp doublers
12 wahm made (made of fleece) liners and doublers with zorb
60+ cloth wipes from softnscrubby on etsy
8 flip covers
2 thirsties covers- 1 duo 1 size medium
3 fleece soaker covers from made of fleece
1 pair fleece longies from made of fleece
1 wild child for babies fleece one size cover
1 fleece skirtie from wee expressions
4 bumgenius 4.0 pockets
4 alva baby pockets
8 diaper rite bamboo pockets
2 alva baby wet bags
1 wahmies pail liner
1 planet wise pail liner
1 planet wise cloth wipes travel bag

ideally id love more flats and more fleece doublers, i just dont have the funds for more right now

Maggie's changing table is in our bedroom, our house is smallish and we have 3 bedrooms but 1 is dedicated to all our homeschooling stuff. Our 4 and 5 year old daughters share a bedroom and once our 2 year old son decides he is ready to sleep in his own bed (he co-sleeps with me my hubby and maggie lol) he will move into their room as well. Anyway this is our set up

This thing comes in handy, it was from walmart. In the middle I have diaper rite prefolds and to one side are all my dry wipes and the other side has all my fleece liners and doublers. In all the other areas I have snappis, boingos, pins, thermometer, honest healing balm, bulb syringe, a little spray bottle of water with a drop of shea moisture baby wash in it for messier diapers, baby brushes and shea moisture baby lotion and then in the middle are my wet wipes and i just use plain water.

In the top drawer i have all her babylegs (more on the way/in the wash ), wet bags and coconut oil.

In the top shelf I have a basket with all my covers, piles of flats and a basket with the sbish. Bottom shelf is a basket with all the bamboo diaper rite pockets, another basket with bumgenius and alva pockets all stuffed with flats and the last basket is all fleece!

Here is my little sweetie

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