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Re: January Chat for Feb Mamas

Originally Posted by gghmommy View Post
I'm so glad to be reading all the good news. I am one sick mama. I don't know what kind of cold I have but it is horrible. Will be 37 weeks on Friday. My cold started last Friday afternoon. My mom took DD home with her so hubby and I could get a little extra rest over the weekend since she'd had a cough with drainage that would wake her a couple times a night and hubby had some symptoms. I took a nap after they left and woke with a sore throat and cough- go figure. I can't sleep longer than an hour then I wake up coughing and choking on phlegm. It's been green since Sunday. I feel like it's never going to get better. My ribs hurt from coughing so much. I have headache from no sleep and I'm getting more whiney by the day. Hubby's great about doing anything he can for me, but he can't really do anything. When I called the office, they said I was doing everything I could and it was just really bad due to being pregnant. I'm wondering how my BPP and NST will go Friday morning when I am coughing baby off the monitor! Then I get to see a different OB than mine, but I don't really mind, I just wonder what she's going to say about this fun cold, and I figure someone in the office is going to spray down the room after I leave. I mean, I would if someone hacking like me came in! Anyone have any tips on getting over it? I mean baby could come anytime, right!
I just had a sinusy thing from the weather changing, but no coughing. I can say long, hot, just-stand-there showers helped me feel better. Also, get a neti-pot if you don't already have one or at least some aerosol-can saline spray...those are better than the squeeze bottles to me. Maybe they will give you some antibiotics to help get you well quickly before the baby gets here.

Originally Posted by 3princesses+1 View Post
I had my final OB appointment today. I am 3 cm and 50% and 38 weeks 4 days with an induction scheduled for Monday morning the 28th. I have large babies, so we induce at 39 weeks. I've had some contractions here and there but nothing significant. I have this feeling that I'll go into labor on my own this weekend, which would be fine as well, but other than that I'm just R-E-A-D-Y!!! I feel like a complete slug and don't want to do anything other than sit. Thankfully my husband is fabulous and so understanding! It's a full moon on Sunday I believe, so it wouldn't be too surprising if it happened then...
Good luck, mama!! Unless another baby gets impatient, you are surely going to have the next one. I can't wait to see photos!

Originally Posted by The Fancy Pansy View Post
I managed to remove what little remained of my toenail polish...only to discover that bending over like that was causing my toenails to turn BLUE! It happened again when I was putting on lotion (in the same position). Apparently my circulation isn't so good.
This made me giggle

Sarah, I hope he does get there soon, too! I feel bad for your son, though do you know already where you are getting the fire wood from? Would they not take pity on a 9-month preggers and deliver? Or do you know a teenager that would do it for quick $20?

I have my 38 week appt. this morning. I have this fear he is going to check me and tell me I need to go straight over to the hospital, so I'm going to take my hospital bag just in case, lol

ETA: I'm so dang excited, I bought this last night from FSOT:

Have a great day mamas!!!

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