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Does my pump routine sound ok?

Today's my first day back at work after having my daughter 6 weeks ago. I have a small freezer stash at home just in case the milk I'm pumping isn't enough. But could you please look over my schedule and the amounts I'm producing and give me your input?

DD last nursed at 5 am.
I pumped at 6:30 and got 4 oz.
Pumped at 9:30 and got 2 oz.
Will pump again during lunch at noon.
Will pump again at 3:00
Head home at 4:15 and nurse DD at 5 pm.

When I pump at home, the most milk I get is in the morning, but it's never more than 4 oz with 15-20 mins of pumping. As the rest of the day wears on, each pumping session would yield an ounce from each breast. I am taking fenugreek and drinking lots of water.

At home, DD nurses every hour to every hour and a half. She's a "snacker" and is done within 10-15 minutes usually.
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