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How did you come to use cloth...

And what was your first diaper?

Ds #2 was a super soaker. By his second week, he would out pee every sposie I tried, and I was changing him, his clothes, his bedding, and often my clothes several times per day and night. I was beginning to think he would sleep longer at night if only he was dry.

I remembered seeing a Motherease ad in a magazine, so I got online to check out cloth. I bought a few small Sandys diapers which were huge on him. I found a cheap cover from a WAHM called Sweet Cheeks. It was a pull-on of one layer of windpro with lastin elastic exposed. But, it worked! He was able to wear it all night, and everything was dry. He was in cloth full time within a week.

The Sandys were around until he outgrew the small, but I switched to Airflow covers. When he moved up in size,I discovered WAHMs and became an addict. I am sure late dh wished I never found anything other than ME dipes. New dh has no idea what he is in for when we conceive.
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