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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

Everytime I put ds1 in a sposie I was so disappointed. This was before I even knew about or did research on cds
1 bc he did not have a fluffy butt--which was strange I thought
2 I hated throwing away things and it grossed me out they were going to a landfill
3 there was leaks or blowouts every other diaper change
4 those gel things from disposables were always all over ds1 no matter if diaper was on for 2 minutes or overnight.

I had this breastfeeding support group I use to visit with once a month and they talked about cding. I thought this was crazy at first (before I had baby I went to these meetings). Then the more I went the more I fell in love with cds. They would show them to me and showed me all the different options.

So I went home and did the research and that was it!!! My first diaper stash consisted of 12 bg 3.0 and it grew to 24 all BG 4.0 that was all I needed.

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