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That's pretty close to the schedule I had when I first went back to work. Fed DD at 6:30, pumped from 7:15 to 7:45 during my commute. Then 10ish, 1, and 4 at work. I'd also pump from 6 to 6:25 on my way home then feed DD about 7. At 4 months I dropped the 4 pm pump soon followed by the 10 am. I changed the evening pump to at home after her bedtime at about 8 months then dropped it at 9 months. I plan to drop the 1 pm pump at 10.5 months and the morning commute pump at 1 year. Then I've got 1200+ ounces to feed from the freezer.

You'll likely be able to pump more at work than you would have if you were home because there won't be a baby eating between pumps so I wouldn't worry yet that you won't produce enough. My morning pump was always my highest and the others were usually pretty consistent. I was able to continually add to the freezer stash until about 6 months, then it was hit or miss for a couple of months. I haven't added anything since before Christmas but I also haven't taken out all that much.
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