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Re: Not sure what I want to do...

I have always responded well to the pump. I know the pump alone isn't a good indicator of supply, but going from 2 to 3 oz at a time, down to a quarter of an ounce is a good indicator of a serious change in supply for me. And, I am not really all that comfortable with letting him get to the point where his output does change. Crying baby and less pottying says hungry baby to me, and thats not what i want.

BUT, I am going to fight for this. I am giving it one good week. If we are not seeing significant decrease in the bottle feedings in a week, I am calling it quits. In this case, it's totally about me and not him. I have a teen who was totally FF, a 4 yr old who was both, and a 2 yr old who was ebf until solid were introduced. I have no issues or guilt giving him formula, I just prefer to nurse him because he's my last one and I am not ready to be done, and because I am really cheap and don't want to buy formula.

And, on that point, pumping at the keyboard now while he naps and the girls watch tv. And, finally, some improvent. Letdown happened faster and I am getting a bit more milk. This morning we spent about 45 minutes where he would latch for a moment, pop off, suck on the pacifier, I would pull a "bait and switch," and repeat. Lots of hand expression and compressions going on too. I did end up topping him off with the ounce in the fridge before he fell asleep, but it wasn't a full 4 oz bottle. He will still latch, its just getting the milk into him fast enough for him that is frustrating him.

I am out of blessed thistle, and almost out of fenugreek. I am going to go to go get some more today, as well as some new membranes for my pump. I hope it all helps. thanks everyone for your support
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