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Re: Bamboo flats or fitteds? Which would you choose?

Originally Posted by FernHollow View Post
We are going to be moving either this summer while I am very pregnant or shortly after and money could definitely be used in other areas besides diapers I am sure. We probably will end up with an older washer and dryer and now that I think of it the fitteds might take forever to dry. I am used to our FLer tha spins out the water! I am ok with spending more on the Sbish if we will really use/love them since they would save us from buying sposies. I am just not sure if flats or expensive fitteds will be more stressful for a homeschooling mama of 6.
The great thing about the flats is that they are SO versatile while also being extremely inexpensive. If you went with the flats and your new baby is able to tolerate pul, then you would have multiple different diapering options: padfolding in covers, padfolding in pockets, traditional folds in covers (origami, etc.), traditional folds in wool.

Plus, there's the washing-drying issue -- flats are just so much easier than fitteds with that: drying time is so short, no washing problems with hard water, etc. That's actually why I stopped using fitteds with my last LO. It felt like any money I was saving from using CD was being eaten up in the crazy long drying time, not to mention all the laundry drama we were having because of hard water. In fact, right now our washer is having problems (hope to have it fixed today) and because I was already using all flats I was able to easily switch to hand washing without any problems.

On top of that, because the flats are so inexpensive, you could even snag a pack or two of your favorite sposies to use during those days/times that your life gets really crazy, kwim? Like during the middle of a crazy school day that's on the verge of getting out of control .

FWIW, I'm a homeschooling mama of 5 with DH in school also and I'm using the flats 100% of the time right now and I absolutely love it.

The ONLY part I don't really like is when LO has a massive poo that needs major ducking and swishing to get it all out of the numerous folds in the flat. But that is seriously the only thing that I don't really like about using flats.
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