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Originally Posted by mtate
My DH decided as of the new year that he was going to start on a 28 day vegan test diet. I was trying to be supportive in his goals to be more healthy and lose some unnecessary weight he'd put on the past year, so I said I would try it for 28 days with him. While I'm not 100% convinced that this is an appropriate dietary change for good, I'd like to sub this thread for some recipe advice!
On a side note, I am happy to eat more whole foods and try to avoid all the processed garbage out there! I'm just not convinced scientifically that axing meat of any kind is the right choice... And so as not to cause any upset here, I'll finish that by saying... For myself and my child, as that is as far as my opinion matters. It's not my intent to step on toes or anything like that, I just appreciate recipe and food advice, as I see us continuing to incorporate vegan/veggie type meals into our routine even if meat and dairy are reintroduced to our table at the end of the month.
I am assuming he is doing the 28 day diet by Rip Esselstyn? I am doing his program ATM because I indulged a bit too much and would like to slim down a little bit as well. My tummy is very content and I am eating so nutrient heavy that I am rarely hungry.
If you haven't read it I would get his book from the library. It has some really great recipes in it.
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