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Re: How did you come to use cloth...

I always thought I would use cloth but when I was pregnant with my first all I could find were gerber prefolds and plastic pants. Since she had frequent yeast infections they were a no go. Even sposies are more breathable than gerber plastic. I had no Internet access back in 1998/99 so couldn't find anything else. Someone did give me an older AIO but the PUL was hard and cracked so I didn't use it. When my second was a few months old we had to choose between diapers and bills. Necessity being the mother of invention I looked at our resources in a different way. All of our receiving blankets became flats as well as a few shirts. Since he didn't have yeast I was also able to use gerber plastic. For $5 we cloth diapered our second for several months. Then I discovered an add in my mother's copy of mothering magazine. I ordered a catalogue and drooled over the cool choices until taxes came in. My son was then 8 months old. I ordered what I them considered an extravagant stash of 24 premium DSQ Chimese prefolds(blue edge), 3 medium Lanacare covers, 6 pins(?), 2 snappis, a purple Bummis drawstring wetbag, and a 16 oz bottle of Eucalan wool wash. This lasted us until ds1 was 2 years old. Now we are cloth diapering ds2 but with a lot more diapers and wool. After my first bad impressions of AIO and plastic covers I never did get into tha type of cloth.
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