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Re: stainless steel water bottles

Originally Posted by PajammaGramma View Post
I just got some at LL Bean. So far I like them. Next time I will get an insulated one though. It's really cold and sweaty when I put ice in there!

DIL has Kleen Kanteens and they all love them. They are pretty dinged up from the kiddoes, but work great.
The ones we have from LL Bean are Kleen Kanteens, but with the LL Bean logo as well as the Kleen Kanteen logo. And yes, they sweat quite a bit when you put ice in. You can get the cover thingies, though, if you want. Oh, and the insulated ones work amazingly. I made myself some tea one morning before church, and it was finally cool enough for me to drink about 5 hours later. lol
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