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Re: 3rd grade sexy talk -- WWYD?

Originally Posted by Mac & Cheeses mom View Post
I would age appropriately explain sexy and that you would prefer her not to use it. That its not a bad word but it's not one little girls should use. I would also explain how each family is different and that language is inappropriate in your house. Explain how each parent has different rules.

My oldest is 12 and some of her friends over the years have been like this. It saddens me because your right.

My children are homeschooled so we don't get too much of this but l had to have this same discussion with my girls last year (now age 14, 10 and 9) when their neighborhood friend that isn't homeschooled began calling herself sexy (at age 12). The girls grandmother also called her sexy! WTH! Some people amaze me. Needless to say after much drama brought on by the neighbor and her grandmother my girls are no longer allowed to play with the neighbor.

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