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Re: Would your DH/SO go to the hospital?

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post

If I am understanding the situation described in the OP, the OP was hosting a party so one parent needed to stay to host while the other went with the injured child to the ER. I can't imagine a father refusing to do either and forcing his child to wait in pain for his emotional convenience. He would have to have a bonified mental disorder of some sort for that to even be considered. Even then, I'd start calling the parents of the teens and explaining the situation so the party could end early.
That is exactly what happened, he wouldn't go to the hospital with the 5yr old and also refused to stay at home alone with the party kids. My friend tried to call the parents but wouldn't get a hold of them, there were maybe 7 kids at the party so it's not like it was a HUGE party.

I just can't wrap my head around this, it's so foreign to me. Of course we decided on a case by case basis here who goes to the hospital and who stays home with the other kids but my DH would never refuse to do either.
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