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Question Alright Mamas help me out, please! (Teething question)

Noah is a MISERABLE teether. He's had 8 teeth come in since November (four at a time) and he has four more coming in right now. He's barely sleeping, barely eating, I can't put him down or he cries. It's mommy 23/7 (seriously). He's been like this for days now and I don't know how much more I can take and still function/parent my other kids/take care of the house/etc. This is really draining me and as it is nothing seems to be working very well for him and I feel bad about that.

We've done Baltic Amber (provides him almost no relief what so ever though it did work very well for Kadie), Hylands teething tablets, Gentle Naturals Teething drops, and Motrin. Motrin seems to provide him the most relief for the longest-enough to play a little and eat, but that's it. We do have anbesol but I hate to use it and in previous experience with it provides relief but only for a very short period of time...too short a period for it numbing his tongue and throat as well.

On top of teething he's having cold symptoms (no fever) and in the past cold symptoms and teething have gone hand and hand for him, so double whammy. I'm treated his cold symptoms as best I can (humidifer, vapor bath, salie spray, germ fighting EOs, supplementing my diet with vitamins and minerals, etc, etc.)

We've been doing lots of baths because that seems to make him happy. Baby wearing is a 50/50 shot when it used to be my fail-safe/calm baby down in a second comfort. I've tried almost all my devices using front and back caries, and like I said there's no telling if they'll help or make him scream louder until I take him out, take it off, and hold him.

NOTHING I do or try has helped him sleep better-NOTHING. He has been taking 20 minute nap during the day (that's it) and has been waking up constantly during the night.

I need something I can buy local or order online (I'd prefer but can (and will, lol) pay the extra money to ship two day or whatever from Links appreciated!

A more mainstream friend of mine suggested rubbing whiskey on his gums. She says to look at it as "natural". She also said our grandparents and maybe our parents too treated teething with it. All I can think about is risks and being looked at as the mom that drugs her kid with alcohol.

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