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Re: Does Zinc Pass Through Breastmilk

Originally Posted by September View Post
Zinc is L2 according to Dr Hale's 2008 book. He says "Zinc absorption by the infant from human milk is high, averaging 41%..."

Want me to post the pages for you to review?
That is great to hear. I am taking zinc every 2 hours as directed to get rid of a cold. I truly hope baby gets some too to help him.

Originally Posted by FindingMercy View Post
He was hospitalized for an extreme staph infection all over his skin. After treating the staph, the skin wouldn't heal and the redness kept getting worse again. He was rehospitalized and they ran a bunch of tests to see what was wrong. His blood had undetectable levels of zinc in it. One of his drs is one of the leading researchers in the country on pediatric zinc deficiency, so that helped.
Wow - glad you had someone who could figure it out. I have to be on extremely high levels of folate to absorb any, so I understand.
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