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Re: Vent/Rant No, it's not twins. Yes I am sure. Thanks for playing.

Oh my gosh, I am so right there with you. With my first pregnancy, every person I walked past was just CONVINCED I was having twins and didn't know it. With my second I didn't hear it quite as much because I wasn't working and out and about as much, but I still heard it. This time around, no one has mentioned twins, but my MOM and my GRANDPA both called me FAT! They were totally joking and thought they were funny, but REALLY???

Now all I hear anytime I leave the house is how "uncomfortable" I look. Um, yeah. Thanks. That's like telling someone "Gee, you look awful". Yes, I AM uncomfortable! I can barely walk, I'm so uncomfortable. My joints are literally being torn apart, and my uterus is literally trying to fall out of my body. I'm pretty sure I'm the definition of uncomfortable! But, dear random strangers, I do NOT want to hear about how I LOOK uncomfortable!

The last 4 weeks (since around 32 weeks) I also get to hear over and over how I must be ready to pop that baby out any moment. I try to smile and politely tell them EXACTLY how many weeks I have left, so they know not to say stupid things like that again.

Now, in everyone's defense, I am VERY short waisted, and i have 21 1/2 long babies that have nowhere to go but out. So, yes, I get big.

I'll conclude with the happy thought that a lady who works at Ross first asked me when I was due, then simply said "You're beautiful pregnant". Now THAT I could hear a million times over and never get tired of!!!
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