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Re: What are you eating??

Originally Posted by Andbabymakes2 View Post
We ordered General Tso's Chicken and Mongolian beef, but the chicken wasn't done the way I was craving.. The beef was good. Had crab rangoon, eggrolls, and potstickers. Those did not set well. There's another Chinese restaurant in town so next time I will try them for the Generals chicken.

Seriously- I wish I could have your will power!! Seems like you've been eating really healthy!! My kids are so picky I have to find a happy medium between what I like and what they will eat.
Thank you....I think I do pretty good, but then things happen like, dh buys me a bag of chips and between the two of us they are GONE the next day! lmao!!

I spent the whole day feeling pretty crappy, probably because I ate so many potato chips. This morning I had kefir and granola, then after feeling awful all day I just forced myself to eat some leftover potatoes/cauliflower and some salad. Ended up eating 3 bowls of salad and feel SO much better.

Dinner tonights gonna be red & green pepper, onion and cheese omlet.

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