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Re: Officially waiting it out...

Originally Posted by firemommaof1 View Post
Hello all I've been a lurker here for a while and we are currently TTA. Well there may have been a slip up a few days ago. I had a few drinks then we DTD and hubs pulled out... not a fool proof method and especially when I was ovulating. If I had been in sober mind I probably would have enforced the condom or NOT DONE IT AT ALL!!! (usually how it goes around O time) but ya know... drinking = unclear thoughts I am now officially waiting out the next two weeks. Hubs swears it was all in the clear but I'm not convinced. It only takes one!!! Of course he gives me the old "I would know if some came out" :eyeroll: so pray for AF to show and fingers crossed for a neg test. We have thought about more kids but right now I'm not ready. My plate is full with three kids!! So now the obsessing begins

Just thought I would throw out my 2 cents. Husband and I have never used a condom. We have always used the pull-out method. (I did get an IUD after #2 but it only lasted 10 months.) We have only gotten pregnant when trying. I know it only takes one really good swimmer. But for the past 8 years the pull-out method has worked for us.
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